Rules For Success

Location Location

Of course, you’ve heard this before. But location can mean different things when it comes to rental properties. Renters are often looking for maximum convenience so our properties will always be near schools, major shopping centres, public transport and job opportunities. We spend an extensive amount of time researching target areas, including recent property price movements and future capital growth potential, rental vacancy rates and proposed infrastructure improvements.

Brand New Property‚Äč

A brand new property will not only attract more tenants and cost less to maintain in the short-term, but it will also give you the most tax deductions. The ATO will give you a discount off your tax bill for wear and tear known as depreciation and this can be a very handy windfall for investors in brand new property. The amount of depreciation will depend on the value of your property, building materials and the various fixtures and fittings. All our properties come with a tax depreciation schedule, which your accountant will be able to incorporate in your tax return for your tax rebate.

Remove the Emotion

One of the worst mistakes you can make with any investment is to buy with your heart instead of your head. Remember, your rental property is not your ‘home sweet home’. A well presented property is desirable, but you need to think sensible, not swank. Ideally, you want a neutral interior colour scheme, serviceable and resilient flooring and window coverings, a low-maintenance yard and good storage.

Protect your Investment

We recommend that you take out landlord’s insurance. This will cover you for any damage inadvertently caused by a tenant and unpaid rent if your tenant skips out, in addition to other standard risks, such as a house fire or a storm. It also covers you for any long periods of rental vacancies in the event that this occurs.

Property Management

Managing a property takes time and energy so you should get a professional property manager to advertise the rental, screen and select tenants, collect and pay the rent, co-ordinate repairs and maintenance, provide condition reports and manage any disputes.

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