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financeAt U Can our in-house finance brokers can help you find a loan and structure that will suit your particular needs and situation.

Many property investors take advantage of interest only loans because interest payments are tax deductible. This means that as the property’s value increases over time, you make a financial gain from the capital growth while only making small financial contributions along the way. This is a great strategy for high income earners as they are taking advantage of negative gearing.

If you choose a positively geared investment (i.e. generate a profit from the rental income after costs), you may consider a principal and interest loan and use the profit to shave off the principal. Just remember, you will pay tax on any income from your investment. Talk to your accountant about your tax situation so your consultant can find the right loan.

Couples taking advantage of negative gearing should put the investment property mostly or fully in the name of the highest earner to reduce their taxable income. If you need both incomes to be considered in the lending equation, our consultant will give you the right advice on the best ownership equation for your circumstances.

At U Can we have access to literally hundreds of different loan products, and can help you find a loan that is suitable for your situation, help you compile and complete the paperwork, professionally package it with your supporting documents and submit it to your chosen lender.

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